One Pine Institute (OPI) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 devoted to providing health and wellness educational outreach through workshops, demonstrations, lectures, classes, and print and media materials.
At its core, One Pine Institute teaches wellness practices such as meditation, spiritual training, body movement, and more.   The material builds upon Western and Eastern practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, healing modalities such as Qigong and T’ai Chi, as well as long-established European traditions of Herbs, Oils, and nature-based spiritual practices.
One Pine Institute has three programs as part of its overall mission

Living Masters

Workshops, lectures, and symposiums by the great living Masters and Grandmasters of various spiritual and Internal Arts traditions so that they can share their expertise and make sure that these authentic lineages and practices continue into the future for others.

Caring Communities

Workshops on meditation, T’ai Chi, Qigong, and other health practices for underserved communities who might not otherwise have the financial or physical means to pursue them:  the elderly with fixed incomes and living in assisted care facilities and senior centers; under-represented people within the community at large; individuals diagnosed with medical condition who are straddled with medical bills and any supplemental treatments are out of reach; and inmates incarcerated within the prison system.

Purposeful Living

Educational programs and lectures that help individuals enrich their lives through understanding the history and principles of various spiritual and philosophical practices and how those practices provide tools for self-definition and exploration.


One Pine Institute grew out of Founder and Executive Director, Dr. David Clippinger’s spiritual work as a fully ordained Ch’an (Zen) Buddhist Priest with the Dharma name of Venerable Shih Tao-Fa as well as his long-standing T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Studio—Still Mountain T’ai Chi and Chi Kung, LLC., of Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Clippinger wanted to find a way to share health and healing practices with a broader population, and from that mission to find a way to serve the larger community, One Pine Institute was born in 2017.

The Living Masters program brings world-renowned masters and grandmasters to Pittsburgh to share their knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with others.  As the world has more rapid access to information and practices via the internet and other means, it is even more imperative to be able to learn deeply and directly from the very people who are the living connective lineage to a long history of health, healing and spiritual practices.

One Pine Institute is proud to sponsor and subsidize the costs for these teacher to hold workshops and lectures.  Every donation toward the cost of the workshops is tax-deductible.


September 2020

Best Selling Author and Master Teacher, Deng Ming-Dao returns to Pittsburgh for a lecture, Qigong, and more.


Taoist Master, Artist, and Best Selling Author Deng Ming-Dao in 2018.

April 2020

Grandmaster Helen Wu returns to Pittsburgh to teach Qigong, T’ai Chi Chuan, and Fan from her family’s rich history.

October 2017

Masters Helen Liang and Chenhan Yang visit in October of 2017.

September 2019

Master Jose Johnson visits Pittsburgh for the Living Masters Series for the first time to teach Silk Reeling Qigong and More.

April 2017

Grandmaster Helen Wu was the first such workshop in April 2017.

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